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Perkolate Launches Battista’s Hole in the Wall Website

September 1st, 2014

Perkolate is proud to announce the launch of it’s latest website for Battista’s Hole in the Wall, one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Las Vegas at www.battistaslasvegas.com.

Screen Shot 2014 09 01 at 2.16.40 PM Perkolate Launches Battistas Hole in the Wall Website

About Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Immerse in old time Las Vegas memorabilia and enjoy authentic Italian food with friendly personal service. Battista’s has been operating in the same location since 1970. All Dinners include Free House Wine with dinner.

Perkolate Launches Shimon Law Firm APC Website

August 3rd, 2014

Perkolate is happy to announce the launch of Shimon Law Firm’s website at www.shimonlaw.com.

Screen Shot 2014 09 01 at 2.25.27 PM Perkolate Launches Shimon Law Firm APC Website

About Shimon Law Firm APC

Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services to our clients. We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs and goals. Our approach focuses on explaining and overcoming legal challenges and formulating strategies to avoid future controversies. We strive to meet or exceed our clients’ goals in a timely manner while maintaining the highest degree of professional integrity.


Shimon Law Firm, APC, is an integrative or holistic law practice.  While we will be aggressive and litigate if necessary, we will attempt to reduce litigation costs for everyone involved in a dispute by engaging in alternative dispute resolution via negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration, where appropriate.  We also will enter into alternative billing agreements for clients which are based on metrics other than traditional hourly billing, when possible.  These include fixed fee agreements, contingency fee agreements, performance or success-based agreements, and hybrid agreements that combine one or more of the billing models for our clients.  Our goal is to share some of the risk with our clients, where appropriate, so we have a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship with our clients after resolution of their dispute or conclusion of their transaction.

Benefits of Hiring a Las Vegas Social Marketing Company

May 11th, 2014

Social networking is the next big thing in just about everything. Even marketing and advertisement can take advantage of it. It can be complicated for a business owner to do on their own, alongside all the other responsibilities of running a business. It’s a good decision to look into hiring a professional social marketing expert.

The benefits of a local Las Vegas social marketing campaign are the same as any other advertising campaign, but with an online twist. A social marketing ad campaign can be at once broader and more targeted than any physical or online ad campaign. People around the world with relevant interests can be drawn directly to your profile.

Social marketing also has a high return on investment. It takes no capital to establish a social networking profile, and only needs to be kept up to date with content. Social advertisement is much better than regular online ads. A large number of tech-savvy browsers have ad blocking software, making it much harder to target traditional ads. Social profiles are much more visible and much more personal.

Facebook and Twitter are two forms of common social networking that a professional can keep updated and make work for you with ease. Both of them allow a web presence with fast updates, allowing to the minute deals or announcements. Youtube is more specialized, requiring video content, but the ability to monetize your Youtube account helps to make up for it. Linkedin is another big social network, and possible of even more value — it’s a network for professionals seeking work and business providing work. Not only can it be used to advertise, but you can even find new employees uniquely talented for your positions.

All of this is not free. While registering the profiles is free, it has a high cost in time and effort spent to update content. Additionally, it takes a professional to know what sort of things can and can’t be said to properly advertise your brand. The benefits of a professional far outweigh the cost of a potential mistake. Let a professional social marketing expert help you!

Perkolate Launches AA Auto Buyers Website

February 9th, 2014

Perkolate is proud to announce the launch of its latest website for AA Auto Buyers of Las Vegas. You can visit their website at www.aaautobuyersvegas.com.


What is Responsive Website Design?

December 12th, 2013

Responsive website design is an approach that embraces the needs of many different screen sizes. Gone are the days when the web was experienced mainly on desktop computers, which made design fairly simple. The majority of people are now using the web on a variety of mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablet computers. This has required a shift in thinking when it comes to building a site.

What Responsive Design Is

In a nutshell, responsive design is a layout that automatically adjusts page elements depending on the size of the user’s browser. This gives a website a familiar look and feel, regardless of where it is being viewed. It will display as well on a smartphone as it does on a widescreen monitor. This provides flexibility and avoids the issue of having to build a separate mobile site.

How A Responsive Design is Built

This method of design is centered around a fluid grid, which uses proportions to reorder elements when the page is resized. Some special CSS elements are also applied to keep the design from breaking down when the screen size drops below a certain width. These are called media queries, and they are part of the foundation of a responsive design. It is not always feasible to create a design that will look pixel-perfect in every resolution, so the designer must focus on the resolutions that matter the most.

Why Responsive Design is Used

Using a responsive design will keep a website consistent, not only to visitors, but also to search engines. This allows for better SEO as spiders no longer have to crawl a desktop and a mobile version, which leads to inconsistent indexing and ranking. A responsive design is also future-proof. The mobile web is growing and more devices will be coming online in the years to come. A responsive website will easily be able to meet those needs and eliminate having to rebuild a site from scratch.

Responsive website design is still a new trend, but is bound to keep growing in popularity as the digital world expands.

Perkolate Launches VastJewels.com Website

October 8th, 2013

Perkolate is proud to announce the launch of its latest website for VastJewels.com.

About Vast Jewels

We are an online jewelry business dedicated to providing you with beautiful quality 925 silver and cubic zirconia jewelry that is fashionable and yet unique and affordable to reflect your individual style!

Whether you are looking for that special piece for yourself or a great gift for someone special shop with us and let our collections guide you to that beautiful piece!
We strive to provide you with exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and overall the best online shopping experience possible!

Screen shot 2013 10 08 at 9.44.37 AM Perkolate Launches VastJewels.com Website


Perkolate Launches MartireLaw.com Website

August 30th, 2013

Perkolate is proud to announce the launch of its latest website for Lino V. Martire, Attorney at Law at www.martirelaw.com.

About Lino V. Martire, Attorney at Law

Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality legal counsel and representation the marketplace has to offer while balancing the use of resources with the client’s bottom line needs. We strive to insure quality and seek out imaginative means to achieve success for our clients at all times while anticipating problems before they arise. Dedicated focus on client needs is the cornerstone of our continuing success.

Screen shot 2013 08 29 at 9.51.48 AM1 Perkolate Launches MartireLaw.com Website

New Businesses Need Social Marketing

August 19th, 2013

Social marketing is one of the key elements that can drive the success of a new business. Such marketing occurs on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other online social media sites in which a great deal of consumers interact. Social marketing can also occur on the radio, television, billboards, and during product awareness events.

The list of reasons that new businesses need social marketing is extensive. The most prevalent need for this service is legacy competition. New businesses will always have stiff competition from businesses in the same industry. Tenured businesses already have a loyal customer bases, and many loyal customers will be nervous about moving to another company.

While having a website and online presence is a step in the right direction for new businesses, it is simply not enough to establish the business as a superior entity against competitors. The company’s marketing efforts must be extensive, persistent and aggressive. It not unheard of for a new business to blitz the social media with information about its products and services. This tactic has been successful for many companies that went from being “hardly heard of” to “talk of the internet world” and the “apple of the public’s eye”.

To compete with the leaders of the industry, each new business needs to have social marketing accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts are free to obtain. Developing a profile does not even take 10 minutes, but just having the account can help increase visitors. However, representatives have to be active and post to the accounts in order for their presence to make a difference as far as search engine rankings.

Each time a business entity with a Twitter account posts a tweet, its chances of gaining followers increases. Every time someone on Facebook answers a potential client’s questions about products and services, the same thing occurs. The business owner could also incorporate the address to the main website into a creative YouTube video. Watchers who enjoy the video may visit the company website for more information, or they may buy goods and services.

The objective of social marketing is to increase traffic and visitors from all angles. Having as many outlets as possible will increase visibility, which will increase traffic. The increase in traffic will cause the main website’s rankings to rise, which will increase traffic even more. With the right social marketing efforts, a company can create and endless supply of potential customers.

Perkolate Launches HandymanforVegas.com Website

July 21st, 2013

Perkolate is proud to announce the launch of it’s latest website for HandymanforLasVegas.com.


Screen shot 2013 07 21 at 2.53.14 PM Perkolate Launches HandymanforVegas.com Website

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